Our organic, super-premium ice cream is all made fresh in-house with the highest quality ingredients. We start with hormone-free, kosher, California milk and add in all-natural flavorings and scratch-made mix-ins. We don’t use any artificial stabilizers, sweeteners, additives, gums or thickeners in our products. We also offer many gluten free and vegan options. Our vegan flavors are made with 100% real cashew milk. In addition to our “tried and true” classic flavors, we are continually coming up with new and innovative flavors which we rotate on a regular basis.

Ice Cream Flavors
Chocolate Caramel Brownie
Salted Caramel w/ Chocolate Waffle Cone
Almond Brittle & Mackinac Island Fudge (GF)
Maple-Glazed Butter Pecan (GF)
Pistachio Saffron (GF)
Superman (GF)
Triple Berry Cream Cheese (GF)
Organic Vanilla Bean (GF)
Organic Arabica Coffee (GF)
Organic Cookies n’ Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo (V)
Peanut Butter Cup (V)
Birthday Cake (V)
Chocolate Honeycomb (V) (GF)